Philosophy of Miyazaki Chair Factory

Miyazaki Chair Factory designs and creates meticulously crafted, artisanal wood furniture.

With a history dating back to 1969, Miyazaki Chair Factory has been producing its own quality furniture in Tokushima, Japan since 2000 with techniques honed through decades of crafting chairs for traditional Awa dressers, a well-known local product.

Our aim is to unite premium technique and design, and our furniture is developed through hands-on collaboration in a workshop between designers invited from around the world and the artisans here at our factory.

Our credo is to create furniture with quality materials, superior techniques, and meticulous manufacturing with dedication. We hope the results bring mutual joy to customers and creators alike.

We produce a wide range of semi-custom items in a selection of woods.

Choose from more than 80 items in a selection of over seven woods, upholstered with over 60 types of upholstery coverings including leather. We offer a variety of quality woods including walnut, oak and black cherry. We can also work with fabric you supply to create a one-of-a-kind upholstered item.

The wisdom and skills of our experienced artisans allow us to carry out nearly all work in our own factory, so we can meet your needs meticulously.

Experienced craftsmanship and precise machine work.

“Why are we making this item?” This is the question we always keep in mind. Imagining customers using our furniture reinforces our commitment to quality and brings joy to our work. Moreover, the role of technique is to find the best approach to production. We combine the artistry of traditional tools and techniques with the precision and efficiency of advanced machines, making full use of both to create our furniture.

Being open to superior manufacturing approaches helps us achieve the best of both worlds and make the impossible possible. Miyazaki Chair Factory is a workshop of endless innovation.

Trained eyes and fingertips ensure enhanced precision and quality.

After assembly, the joints of each painstakingly-processed piece of wood are polished smooth and finished with 100% natural beeswax or oil, both of which are non-toxic. Each piece displays grain and knots that reflect their unique character. We hope you’ll enjoy watching the color and texture of the wood change over time.

Visual and manual inspections are carried out at each step of production as well as upon completion. Our artisans pay close attention to every inch of the frame, both visually and by touch. The result is a unique piece of furniture whose warmth invites you to caress it again and again.

Artisans in leather and fabric bring the piece to the next level.

Cutting, sewing and covering are the final stages in the manufacturing process for upholstered pieces.

Miyazaki Chair Factory carefully selects high-quality leather and fabrics for upholstery coverings. Genuine leather has natural marks such as scratches and insect bites made when the animal was alive. We check each cowhide closely and use only the sections that meet our stringent standards.

After cutting, leather and fabric are sewed into three-dimensional shapes and fitted to wooden frames with a fineness of technique achieved by only the most experienced artisans.

Our furniture is built with a commitment to quality.

Each piece we make is designed to last. Each one is numbered, a reflection of our sincere commitment to your satisfaction. And to make sure you enjoy your hand-made furniture with peace of mind, we offer reupholstering and repair services if you ever need them.

Miyazaki Chair Factory specializes in manufacturing and does not employ in-house salespeople.
Domestic and international sales affiliates are ready to help you select the piece that’s right for you, and provide after-purchase support. With our sales partners linking us to you, the customer, we will maintain our tradition of bespoke furniture manufacture.

Our design approach is collaborative.

Design and quality are the twin themes that drive our product development.

At our factory in Japan, designer and manufacturing team meticulously evaluate prototypes for design, comfort and feel, making changes as needed during development. Our goal is ageless design that will last customers a lifetime. We make no compromises, debating the best approaches and verifying modifications with multiple prototypes until we are completely satisfied.

This process gives birth to new designs that leverage our manufacturing technology, and technology that makes new designs possible. This synergy is the Miyazaki Chair Factory difference.

  • UNI-Master

    d. Kai Kristiansen 2017

  • BAR

    d. INODA+SVEJE 2017

  • LUNA

    d. Kazuteru Murasawa 2017

  • UU chair

    d. Makoto Koizumi 2008

  • sail

    d. Kazuteru Murasawa 2015