IS lounge chair

M lounge chair
K lounge chair

The arm is dynamically shaped by CNC router, and joined with a simple side frame.
The posture is deep, the size spacious and the comfortable
cushion provide you with a relaxed moment on it.
W735 D706 H710 SH370

Team work solves the problem

Being able to do what we could not do before, and solving problems which have contradictory issues _ these are the requirements for giving birth to a new chair. We have learned this from “work-shop.” The important thing is how we cooperate to use some (not only one) brains and hands. We think the essence of development is understanding each other _ imaginations, technique, and experience of designers and craftsworkers. We are aiming for producing chairs which last for decades, not just years.

We welcome you to
Miyazaki Chair Factory

There is no sales person in our company. So, the mediators between users and us are the shop staffs. We are supported by the many cooperative sales partners who understand the system and our adherence and tell us the opinion from the side of their clients. If you are interested in our products, we would like you to come to Japan and see our factory and staffs, the town of Tokushima, and beautiful nature _ the backgrounds of our products. Welcome to Miyazaki Chair Factory, Tokushima.